Aotearoa Bike Challenge Results

01 May 2020

Ron Clark organised a team to participate in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. Ron says "I really want to thank everyone that took up the challenge". NZ Transplant Games Association came in 6th position in the "Nonprofit" Industry —Auckland section and 50th overall.

Ron reminds everyone "Don’t forget if the Australian Transplant Games goes ahead in April 2021 the bike challenge will be the ideal build up for all the cyclists wanting to compete". Note that the Australian games have now been postponed until April 2021. Individual results below.


Name Distance points Day points Encourager points Total
Team score 2053 720 100 2873
Jane Donnelly 1351 200 0 1551
Ron Clark 240 130 100 470
Ben Stanbury 156 190 0 346
Adrienne Elizabeth Smith 54 20 0 74